Experts Forum



PROCESSES experts forum - process MindaNOW Experts Forum is group of technical experts and professionals who are willing to work together with collaborators to produce data and knowledge essential for policies, regulations, enforcement, and national and international codes and standards. It makes accessible the services, expertise, tools and technologies of individuals and institutions for economy and environment initiatives within Mindanao.


  • A Mindanaowon or Mindanao-based expert;
  • Specialized on environmental related agenda;
  • Affiliate or part of Academic Institutions; and
  • Have at least a three-year record of activities in the formulation and/or implementation of activities in research and science and technology


1.  Expand and showcase their expertise in research undertaking, facilitation, and project consultation;
2. Participate in undertaking of researches that will be basis for project implementation and policy formulation; and
3. Present their work and to network with peers in their fields.

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