Projects and Activities


In support to the “National Greening Program” to plant 500,000 seedlings by 2016
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Critical Rivers Rapid Assessment
A continuation of the study of the second batch of 11 critical rivers damaged by typhoons.
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Mindanao Compendium of Envi-Statistics
Updated environmental statistics that could be used as guidepost for the policy-makers and NGAs in crafting government programs and projects attuned to the current economic and social needs of the society.
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Mainstreaming DRRM and CCAM in the Curriculum of Pilot HEIs
A project that will help improve the resiliency of the community to disasters through developing the knowledge and capacities of the youth, thus, lessening the impacts of disasters to both economic and social aspects.
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Mainstreaming R2R Management Approach to MindaNOW Partners
A project that entails a series of capacitation initiatives such as trainings and experiential leaning to equip Mindanao stakeholders with environment-based methods such as the Ridge-to-Reef Approach.
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Mindanao River Basin Management Information System
This project will provide River Basin Information System, Updated and reliable MRB data and information, and Information Protocol.
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PES Models in MRB
A project that will promote the Payment for Ecological Services (PES) in the RBOs as well as produce a policy instrument and toolkit for the institutionalization of PES.
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Policy Advocacy for the Rehabilitation of 2 Critical Rivers
A policy advocacy for the rehabilitation of the top two (2) critical rivers based on the recommendations of the rapid assessment.
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