Report: Global temperature hike already halfway to ‘two degree warming’ limit

(CNN) — Looks like Earth is already halfway to the danger zone.

Less than two weeks before a crucial global climate summit in Paris kicks off, NOAA, NASA and other global temperature monitors released data showing that the planet is halfway to two degrees of warming, the much publicized limit of “controllable” climate change.

Global data from NOAA released Thursday shows that the average temperature across the entire planet for the month of October was a record shattering 0.98 degrees Celsius (1.76 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than average for the month of October — making it the highest average temperature reached compared to normal in Earth’s historical record.

Average global temperature rise listed at 0.98 Celsius

Average global temperature rise listed at 0.98 Celsius

The list of superlatives for the month is staggering:

— the warmest October ever observed (in 136 years of NOAA records), the warmest month ever compared to average (out of 1,630 months), the sixth consecutive month breaking a global temperature record, and seven of the 10 warmest months have occurred in 2015.

The NOAA data is backed up by similar data sets maintained by NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency, which also ranked October as the hottest month on record compared to average. All of this virtually guarantees that 2015 will rank as the warmest year overall, breaking the record that was set just last year.


NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ; NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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