What we do




    • Serves as Mindanao 2020’s banner program under the Economy and Environment theme;
    • An integrated set of development interventions anchored on sustainable development framework;
    • Adopts the river basin and watershed as the key platforms for planning;
    • Emphasizes ecological value and capitalizes water as the most critical resource for human survival and optimize the full potentials of the river basins and watersheds without necessarily compromising its carrying capacity.




    • To Provide an enabling environment to achieve environmental integrity and sustainable economic development.
    • To integrate Mindanao-wide and interregional plans and programs, and harmonize approaches and processes to to rationalize resources, Programs , Projects, and Activities (PPAs) and mechanisms for the development and management of river basins and watersheds in Mindanao.
    • To build a Mindanao constituency.




    • Green economy
    • Interregional and integrated resource-based development
    • Public-private partnership
    • National and local government co-management

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